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It’s my prayer that Why Not Bless begins a movement of generosity among all people. It isn’t always about money – it could be with time, kindness, or whatever talents you have to be generous with. The happiest people I know, get their eyes off themselves and learn how to bless others.

Because of those that have discovered this joy of generous living, Why Not Bless has been able to:

Help a single mom with car repairs

Buy a car for a deserving orphaned young woman to be able to attend college

Help a college student get a replacement car to be able to get back and forth to work

Buy a car for a cancer patient to get back and forth to treatments

Help a young man get needed medical procedure on his legs

Provide home repairs for a deserving family

Tip a waitress $100, only to discover she was being abused by her husband

Celebrated by treating 20 widow women to a meal out at their favorite restaurant

Coffee and Conversation

Donate Today 

You’ve been blessed! – if you have a roof and a refrigerator, you are considered rich compared to the rest of the world. Most of us are blessed beyond measure!

We have the example set by God himself.
John 3:16

It is one of the pieces of evidence that we are authentic in our faith.

Giving will result in praise to God.
Everyone connected to generosity wins – the recipient, the giver, and all who learn of it. Generous living is an exceptionally wealthy way to live!

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