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Randy and Doris Weeaks

Randy & Doris Weeaks

It is Founded on Faith 

When God began to plant the seeds of Why Not Bless in Randy’s heart and mind, it seemed only fitting that this would be a great avenue to use his gifts and talents in retirement. 

​For more than 25 years, Randy Weeaks served as Senior Pastor at Walnut Ridge Baptist Church in Mansfield, Texas. Some of the greatest joys for Randy and his wife Doris were blessing people around them. 

Having both come from humble beginnings, they have been on the receiving end of blessings from others. Their desire to live a life of generosity has been a driving force in their lives, setting an example for their two sons, Aaron and Tyler. After his retirement in 2018, Randy felt called to create an organization that fostered blessings to people. He began to seek steps to take for that vision to become a reality. Each step only further confirmed this truly was God’s will for the next chapter in their lives. 


Today, it is their prayer that God will use Why Not Bless to be a catalyst to create a revival of generosity.

How it's Funded

Why Not Bless is about as “grassroots” a ministry as it gets. Unlike many other charities and organizations, we do not have any corporate sponsors or foundations that provide us with unlimited funds. Quite the opposite, we started around our kitchen table with 4 friends who believed in our vision and helped with the seed money to start blessing others. We’ve been blessed with some very generous donations through the years, and we’re always grateful for that! However, what is equally amazing, is that people that donate $50 a month, or $100 here and there can share in the Blessings we facilitate in their honor.

Prayerfully consider how God can use you to bless others!

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