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Baby's Clutch

Where Our Story Began

When our youngest son, Tyler, was born in 1991, the balance on the hospital bill was $500. Five hundred dollars that this young preacher and his stay-at-home wife did not have.

Upon coming home to pick up our oldest son, Aaron, to go meet his new brother, an envelope was waiting for us in our mailbox. Inside that envelope was a letter from a man, explaining that some years earlier, he and his wife needed $50 to be able to get their newborn son out of the hospital. They didn’t know where they were going to come up with that money, but the Lord provided. He went on to explain that he thought we might need help with our situation and included a check for $500. He had no way of knowing that was the exact amount we needed, but God did. This is but one of many examples we could give of being on the receiving end of God’s blessing through the generosity of others.

Generosity Changes our Lives. 

People who give generously feel great about it and find themselves blessed in ways they never expected. Great things happen in them, and great things happen to those around them.

Board of Directors

The vision of Why Not Bless is to promote the value of generous living. Our board of directors are tasked with steering this vision and insuring the core values of Why not Bless are upheld. 
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Jay Meadows

Chairman of the Board


Ben Chastain

Board Member / Secretary


Randy Weeaks

Board Member


Jason Blacklock

Board Member

Generosity Connects Us Together

When people are generous and gracious, they exude love and happiness. Generous people create positive feelings in their associations. They cause others to want to be around them.
Everyone connected to generosity wins – the recipient, the giver, and all who learn of it. Generous living is an exceptionally wealthy way to live!

For over 30 years, Randy Weeaks served in ministry in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The past 26 years, he and his wife, Doris, were at Walnut Ridge Baptist Church in Mansfield, Texas, where he served as Senior Pastor, until his retirement in November 2018.


Some of the greatest joys for them was seeing people come to Christ and in seeking to be a blessing to those around them.


Randy was born and raised in Oklahoma; Doris is a native Texan. Having both come from humble beginnings, they have been on the receiving end of blessings from the generosity of others throughout their lives. Their desire to live a life of generosity and blessing others has been a driving force in their lives as a couple, and to set an example for their two sons, Aaron and Tyler.


When God began to plant the seeds of Why Not Bless in Randy’s heart and mind, it seemed only fitting that this would be a great avenue to use his gifts and talents in retirement. 

Randy Weeaks

Meet the Team 

The Why Not Bless staff drives the movement of generosity by conducting leadership trainings, church  consulting, business development, business consulting, and continuing the movement of generosity. 
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