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Why Not Bless – Western Hills Primary and Elementary Schools

Through our association with Restoration Center West, Randy has come to know the Principals at these schools. Pastor Derwin Harris, whose Restoration Church meets at the

Primary School campus, and ministry are very involved in the lives of the faculty and students at both campuses. Randy asked Pastor Harris to arrange a lunch with the Principals at the end of the 2019 school year. He asked them what would help them get their coming school year off to a great start. They mentioned having matching school t-shirts for the staff, as well as the students at both camp


Honestly, this is something that never even dawned on us to be “a thing” that a school would want, because our son’s had t-shirts for everything school-related, it seems! We paid for them without giving it a thought, besides what size to

order! But, these campuses are in a part of town that have over 95% of their enrollment on the “free and/or reduced lunch program” as well as having over 40% transient students. Understandably, matching school t-shirts is not high on the priority list! Yet, these Principals knew how valuable something as simple as this could be to staff and students alike.

Randy told them to start coming up with a design, and he would start working on the rest of the logistics. Through some dear friends, Sam and Ann McCullough at Quality Custom Products, we were able to order around 1600 shirts – at their cost – and get them to the schools in time for the coming school year!

Here are just a few of the sweet comments we have received from the staff:

“Thank you so much for providing t-shirts for our staff. You were so gracious. The t-shirts are cute and comfortable. I will enjoy wearing it all year. I really appreciate your gift.”

“You really blessed our community with your donation of shirts to the entire school. We really felt a sense of connection between the two campuses.”

“Thank you for the T-shirts that were provided to staff and students. They are awesome. Having the support of the community makes what we do possible. We could not do it without you.”

“Let me just say that we DO FEEL BLESSED! Thank you so much for providing shirts for our staff (at both schools). They are so beautiful and a great way to connect our two campus together. This huge gesture speaks volumes and I am so very humbled by this nice surprise. I definitely will return the favor to someone in the future. God Bless!”

“The wonderful T-shirts with the joint logos for both Western Hills Elementary and Primary Schools were such a blessing to are staff and students! Your generosity and kindness has truly touched my heart! The students will be thrilled to wear their new school shirts on Spirit days to class! What an immense blessing t

o our campus! Thank you so much!” “You kindness is appreciated and we do and will enjoy them.” “I want to send a big THANK YOU for the donations of the t-shirts to our staff and students at WHP and WHE. What an amazing blessing you have given our community! I cannot wait to see our students wearing them with big smiles on their face and ready to learn. We are so grateful for people like y’all who care so much for our community! God Bless!”

Because of the generous donations by people these children and the

ir teachers will probably never meet, a sense of school unity and pride will be added to their field trips and special occasions/celebrations this school year; something most of us take for granted! Yet, because of those donations, Why Not Bless is able to impart that to these two schools, and we are so very grateful.

If you would like to be a part of how God is blessing others through Why Not Bless, we would be honored if you would consider donating financially. There is a Donate button on this blog, as well as on our Facebook page. Just know that 100% of your donation goes to bless others and is tax deductible. We hope this post has encouraged you to be a blessing to those that God brings along your way!


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