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Why Not Bless -Tyler

In December 2018, Tyler unexpectedly lost his wife of 10 years, Katy. He became a widower with young boys, ages 7 and 2. While Katy was in the hospital before she passed away, people in the community gave Tyler rides to and from the hospital and watched the boys for him. Tyler had a vehicle, but it was falling part and he didn’t think it was a safe vehicle for his kids. Randy heard about Tyler and wanted to help.

With such a huge loss and having to deal with making other changes like putting the boys in school since Katy was homeschooling them before she passed away, receiving the gift of a 2005 Chevy Suburban was a big deal. “To have someone say, ‘I’m gonna help you out and get you a car,’ That’s so big.” Tyler said. “That’s something I don’t have to worry about anymore. That’s fantastic!”

The Suburban is his first vehicle that he’s been able to have full coverage on because it was paid for. “I have a hard time asking for help and a hard time accepting help,” Tyler said, “But I’m very, very thankful. I can’t say it enough.”


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