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Why Not Bless -Rebekah

When Rebekah arrived at the University of Texas at Arlington toward the end of her freshman year to play basketball, she met Randy and Doris through Coach Talby who attends Walnut Ridge Baptist Church. She started going to services and with her family in West Texas, gained a local bonus family in Randy and Doris.

“They’ve always been there for everything I needed,” Rebekah said. “They have taken us out to lunch a lot and have always asked if I needed anything like gas or groceries.” Randy also connected Rebekah with others to help her raise money for a mission trip to Africa two years ago.

Being season ticket holders, Randy and Doris supported Rebekah and the UTA Lady Mavericks by regularly attending basketball games. “It was always nice to see them in the stands cheering us on,” Rebekah said.

During her sophomore year at UTA, Randy and Doris provided emotional support for Rebekah and her family when her father died in a farming accident. “When my dad passed away, he was there,” she said of Randy. “He lost his father when he was young and he was someone I could talk to, someone who understood and related to that.” Randy and Doris also helped her family financially during that time. Whether it’s meeting financial or emotional needs or just going to a game, Randy and Doris have been there for Rebekah who is just one example of their love for others on display.


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