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Why Not Bless - Kimberly

Kimberly, a single mom with an abusive relationship behind her, wanted to start over with her daughter in Granbury. She couldn’t have imagined within the first few weeks in a new city that a stranger would ask what she needed and provide that need so quickly.

She was living in a hotel looking for a job and had interviews lined up, but didn’t have her own transportation. “A car was the biggest factor and it limited my confidence in getting a job,” Kimberly said. Randy and Mike were eating at Cari’s Restaurant and asked some of the servers if they knew of any single moms in need. Kimberly happened to be eating there daily so some of the employees were familiar with her situation and introduced her to Randy and Mike. Randy asked her what she needed and through Why Not Bless, Kimberly was given a car the next morning.

Kimberly said she gave her situation to God right before she landed three job interviews and the unexpected gift of a car. “This means the world to me,” Kimberly said, “This is the first day of the rest of my life.” She was also connected with the local campus of Stonewater Church so she will have a support system in her new beginning.

Here is the video of Kimberly receiving her car.


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