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Why Not Bless – Josue

Randy was asked to preach at the Chapel service on the campus of Arlington Baptist University, earlier this month. The University’s President, Dr. D.L. Moody, and his wife, Sherry, have become dear friends, so we were more than happy to make the drive from Granbury to Arlington! When the service was over, D.L. wanted to make sure we walked next door to the Library to say hello to Sherry, which we did. ABU is truly blessed to have such a loving and caring couple to lead their students!

As I visited with Sherry, Randy did what Randy does – he walked around the Library and spoke with all the students. As we were leaving, a young man held the door open for us. Randy stopped and asked him his name. Josue introduced himself to us (as he will in the video), and told us a little about himself. Sherry made sure to come tell us that Josue was “the real deal” when it came to loving the Lord and having a servant’s heart. We were certainly blessed to get to meet him and visit for even a brief time.

Later that day, D.L. and Sherry were able to fill us in a little more on Josue. We found out that he had been having car troubles, and that as a result of two separate incidents of individuals helping with his car, he was able to share his faith and begin a relationship with these men! Randy asked D.L. to let Josue know that Why Not Bless would pay to get his vehicle repaired, but when it was made known that the vehicle was an older model mini-van on it’s “last legs”, Randy decided WNB would just purchase a new vehicle for him. They were able to do so the very next morning!

As a side note, Josue is currently preaching at a local nursing home-type facility. This is the same facility Randy faithfully preached at each week, before God called him to pastor Walnut Ridge Baptist Church. Our prayer is that God will do with Josue everything – and more – that He has done with Randy’s heart for ministering to others and preaching His Word boldly!


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