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Why Not Bless - International Leadership Training in Kyrgyzstan

Why Not Bless participated with Allies in Youth Development in their Leadership Training at Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan for their Eastern European leaders. The trip to Issyk-Kul was a long trip. The travel started in Dallas Fort Worth, via Istanbul, Turkey, a 13 hour flight, then to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, a 5 hour flight then a four hour drive to Issyk-Kul. Needless to say it was a long trip. Thankfully AW Energy sponsored my flight and flew me business class which was a great blessing.

On the first day of the conference Allies had the leaders from different areas of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan , Moldova, Brazil, Russia, Nepal giving speeches and participating in the conference. Why Not Bless provided training on Generosity. Chris and Tatiana led a discussion with their leaders on the ways of more effective leadership. The pastors from Moldova and Kyrgyzstan blessed the conference and Allies work.

While in Kyrgyzstan, we saw Allies in Youth Development in action. The visit to the orphanage in Karakol was very impressive. We saw a team of young leaders doing a great job mentoring children. What a blessing that visit was to see and experience how the Lord is allowing children to receive the proper care and spiritual teaching.

The return flight was a little easier. I had the four drive from Issyk-Kul to Bishkek, then a 5 hour flight to Istanbul, Turkey with a one night layover. The next morning I flew back to Dallas Fort Worth.

Why Not Bless made new friends and contacts and we look forward to our continued relationship with Allies.

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