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Why Not Bless - David

I was blessed with a vehicle thanks to Why Not Bless. I also had the opportunity to meet Randy, where we had brought Joy at MCDONALDS! There we had a great conversation in which he made me feel comfortable to tell my story in which I would love to share my story with you all. In 2018, on December 20th I suffered a major heart attack, where I spent 5 days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Where thankfully I was able to be let out and to recover from the hospital on the night of Christmas. Unfortunately, that left my family and I in huge debt, with me getting laid off my job on January the 1st because of my heart attack, where I had to put jobs and school to the side then soon after the engine from my car blew out and I had to rely on my mother’s car for transportation. Though it was hard to share the car because of my mom working a part-time job as well. I am very thankful towards Why Not Bless for something I will always cherish and will never forget that God will always be by my side no matter the obstacles that come my way. Special thanks to Randy for giving me the opportunity to be introduced to his family and friends that also helped in getting this vehicle.


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